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Screaming O 4B and 4T Ohare

Screaming O: Big Things, Coming in Small, Eco-conscious Packaging.

Screaming O introduces its latest innovation, the 4B and 4T Ohare® Vibrating Rings. Available in tantalizing shades of Kiwi, Blueberry, Grape, and Strawberry, these new versions integrate the cutting-edge 4B and 4T bullet vibrators, promising couples a redefined and intensified pleasure experience. These fresh takes on the iconic Ohare® Vibrating Ring, a long-time favorite for its signature enhancement of intimate moments, add an exciting twist.

The 4B version provides a deep, low-pitch rumble, while the 4T presents a playful, higher-pitched tickle-and-tease feel. Both models come equipped with five variable speeds and a pulsation mode, ensuring a customizable journey for every user. Designed to cater to diverse pleasure tastes, they represent Screaming O’s next stride in intimate innovations.

Finally, in a nod to Mother Earth, these bad boys roll out in eco-conscious, craft paper packaging. Screaming O’s innovation? It’s not just skin deep; it’s planet deep. Dive into a world of sensations with these two exceptional additions to the Screaming O lineup.

Screaming O Ohare 4B

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