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The Sound of Satisfaction: Screaming O’s Odyssey of Intimacy

O. My. God.

Screaming O isn’t simply a curator of evocative designs; they’re a champion of an ethos that centers on heightening human connection.

Founded in 2005, the adult toy brand didn’t just introduce new products; it promulgated a new way of empowering individuals and fostering closer connections, while championing a design philosophy centered on non-phallic forms, ensuring their products feel inclusive and universally approachable. The brand stands firmly behind the belief that pleasure is a right, not a luxury. This isn’t about occasional indulgence but an everyday celebration of the self and the shared.

Most important to consumers are the easy-to-use, fun-to-try products made of quality materials and construction they can trust, at prices they can afford. Every Screaming O product is meticulously designed with body-safe materials and quality construction, ensuring that users not only experience pleasure, but also peace of mind.

According to founder Justin Ross, responsible manufacturing, clear and correct labeling, and accurate consumer education are three pillars of any pleasure toy company that’s deserving of consumers’ trust — and gaining that trust is imperative for sales.

Screaming O’s approach to product development is rooted in understanding market needs, recognizing global trends, and proactively adapting to regulatory changes. Ross initiated this idea by directly engaging potential users to discern their interests, ensuring products were aligned with genuine consumer desires.  The award-winning brand has consistently demonstrated its ability to innovate and adapt, such as when they adjusted one of their products to comply with Australian regulations on button cell batteries.

Company president, Dan Holman explains that foreseeing similar regulations on the horizon for the U.S., Screaming O made the decision to pivot to a different battery type for their electric toys.

At the heart of the Screaming O brand lies its ability to meld quality with quirk. Take their name, for example, a cheeky nod to that ultimate crescendo of pleasure. From their signature vibrating ring—which quickly became an electrifying delight in couples’ accessories—to a diverse range of products that encompasses everything from vibrators to lube, there’s a consistent thread: pleasure should be unabashed, fun, and most importantly, accessible to all. And the buzz is real—Screaming O has made appearances in Cosmopolitan, The Doctors, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Diving into their extensive product catalog is akin to exploring a treasure trove of intimate wonders. The Soft-Touch Bullets, Charged Vooom vibrators, and the discreet Lipstick Vibe are an invitation to explore, experience, and embrace one’s deepest desires. Their expansion into lubricants with the Screaming O Lube and the introduction of the colorful ColorPoP line of vibrant vibes isn’t a mere diversification strategy; it’s a commitment to cater to every facet of intimate pleasure.

“Our aim is simple: quality, affordable products within a bit of fun,” says Holman. “We’re all about promoting a sex-positive vibe that’s comfortable for everyone—from retailers to consumers—to embrace.”

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