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The Zeta By Blown Glass

Yet again, Phresh Pick’ Blown Glass has delivered the goods with a stylish collision of fashion, function and value.

Blown Glass Goods presents “The Zeta,” a formidable fusion of impeccable aesthetics and precision performance in glassware. At 11 inches tall, The Zeta is as much a centerpiece as it is an accessory, designed to refine and elevate your smoke-centered sacrament.

Its 5-stack plate perc system provides optimal filtration with consistently smooth draws while the unique Direct Inject Showerhead, already an exquisite treat for the eyes, significantly boosts diffusion for a richer, smoother intake. Finishing out the ensemble is The Zeta’s recycler, offering an added layer of refinement by recycling water to temper the smoke, ensuring a velvety touch with each pull.

Beyond its functionality, The Zeta cuts no corners on aesthetics. It’s available in five select shades, offering choices for those keen on both utility and design. In the realm of production glassware, The Zeta by Blown Glass Goods emerges as a thoughtfully crafted piece, designed to enhance the user’s experience in multiple dimensions.

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