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Nexus Bendz Prostate Edition

Adding a fresh touch to the world of intimate toys, Nexus debuts the Bendz Prostate Edition vibrator, crafted to enhance personal exploration. What sets this product apart is its unique bendability; this massager molds to the contours of the body, promising comfort and a tailored pleasure experience.

This rippled device offers dual density, luxury silicone balls with six distinct vibration modes that travel to the precision tip, ensuring a thorough prostate massage. It also features a perineum massager with an additional six vibration modes. In essence, the Bendz Prostate Edition provides 48 combinations of pleasure, enabling the user to find their perfect rhythm.

Designed with user convenience in mind, this vibrator includes a slimline remote control that operates up to 8 meters away, adding an element of surprise to partner play. Both the massager and the remote are rechargeable and waterproof, reinforcing its usability and versatility.

With the Bendz Prostate Edition, Nexus continues to enhance its range, contributing to the discourse on sexual health and wellness with its innovative, user-friendly designs.

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